As a matter of course we are able to undertake all types of operational development. Here are some examples.

Chef Cookbooks

There is both an art and a science to the construction of a Chef cookbook. Our most recent project involved 27,000 lines of in-house developed source-controlled Ruby alone. Knowing when to use arbitrary code, write a library or mixin, a new provider or to overload an existing one: we think we've established some very good standards over time.

Full unit test coverage is a requirement to manage change risk and we insist on supplying it for every cookbook we develop.

Chef Plugins and Libraries

A client wanted to use stock Chef to communicate with RightScale for launching nodes. RightScale had no knife plugin, so we went ahead and developed one.

We wanted to hide host-derived configuration from recipe authors, so we created libraries to abstract away disk layout, RAID configuration, MySQL memory tuning amongst many other things.

We're the authors of knife-stencil, a plugin that allows you to launch across clouds.

Ask us about the best way to organise your code and tests for future maintenance

Ask us how to create libraries to hide complexity from less skilled recipe authors.

Daemons, Scripts and CLI Tools

If you need some bash sanitizing, or a legacy Perl script amending, or something new built to interface with the rest of your toolset, we've years of experience building predictable, standard and intuitive software.

Dashboards, Interfaces and APIs

Some real-world examples range from a Rails-based estate manipulation UI and RESTful API to the addition of a RESTful API in Sinatra for Nagios/Icinga to allow hosts to self-notify of downtime. Or how about interrogating the Chef index to display fiscal efficiency in terms of hardware observed versus instance type?

We're capable and have experience in building rich dynamic responsive interfaces for human and programmatic estate management.

Ask us about our experiences migrating a bash-automated legacy estate to Chef.

Ask us about building a prettier (but proprietary) Amazon billing dashboard than Netflix Ice.