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Starting Out With Configuration Management

So you've decided to embark on a configuration management project, and the array of choices to be made seem bewildering. What should our source control strategy be? How can we prevent a bug in a cookbook causing a disaster in production? What if our Chef server goes down?

We've had to ask ourselves the same questions in the past, and have come up with some answers which we think are pretty good.

Building A "Private Cloud"

Some businesses may already have made a significant investment in physical infrastructure, such that an outright move to a public cloud isn't practical. However, very few such businesses have applied the principle benefits of cloud computing (such as automated provisioning) to their physical infrastructure, and so may be missing out on the true benefits of cloud computing.

Imagine your development teams being able to stand up their own servers without the need for involvement from operations, then tear them down once they've finished - complete with auditing and charging to the correct cost center. We can help make that happen for your business.

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Changing roles from traditional systems administration to infrastructure development can be a challenge, as even the best systems administrators may not have direct experience with software development best practices.

We can help familiarise your operations team with the fundamental concepts they will need to know in order to avoid common pitfalls.

From Advice To Full Service

We're available for involvement at any level of your configuration management project. Perhaps you'd like to start with a couple of days advice, or maybe you've got a tight deadline and you'd like us to take a more active role in building it for you.

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