A large number of consulting companies are jumping on the devops bandwagon, using the term as a way to continue training people on-site or selling you expensive methodologies. We're not like them.

OpsUnit is a company built by engineers with experience of automating very large cloud estates for tens of millions of users. We've built infrastructures of thousands of nodes and served billions of objects to make millions of pounds - and automated it all for some of the largest companies on the web and on the Internet.

We specialize in automating infrastructures using Opscode Chef and building peripheral infrastructure tooling. We can help you architect, scale and operate in the cloud.

Alex Greg

Alex is a hosting veteran, having worked at Claranet amongst other ISPs and companies. He is an experienced Chef developer and networking expert.

Sam Pointer

Sam has 15 years UNIX operations and development experience. He architected and helped build one of the most sophisticated Chef installations in the UK.

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