World Class Cloud Operations

OpsUnit is a team of infrastructure developers, administrators and consultants with experience scaling the cloud to serve tens of millions of users. We're the UK's foremost experts in Opscode Chef.

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Launch hosts passing only their name and have all knife options automatically configured.

Automatically detects knife plugins for most clouds and enables seamless launching across many clouds simply by defining and following your host naming convention.

Programatically enforce availability zone and regional separation, security groups and more.

Capture your entire infrastructure in source control.

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Whether you're tackling a green-field infrastructure build, scaling with your existing infrastructure or moving to configuration management, our experience running estates of thousands of machines serving tens of millions of people can help you to do it once and do it right.

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Chef Consulting Partner

We're an offical Chef consulting and professional services partner and are recognised as experts in configuration management at scale in the UK.

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